Introducing Dee Mill


Who Is Dee Mill?

In early childhood, Dee Mill came up a little bit different than others. He grew up in a home that was all about music. Every morning when he would wake up, his mother would be singing old school classics. Dee Mill went to church every Sunday but it wasn’t until one Sunday in particular, he was encouraged to get involved with the church choir. This inspired the creation of his first solo song.

Dee Mill started creating his own Hip Hop music when he was really young. He would rap for just fun while watching music videos on television. He continued this throughout his years in school, all the way up to high school after which he became heavily involved in free styling and battle rapping at house parties.

Shortly after, Dee Mill got together with a group of guys and they really got him into creating songs. He began to rap and make songs about things that had no positive impact; music that offered no hope. It was all downhill after that. Drink after drink consumed Dee Mill with a lust after his own passions and desires. Not too soon after, Dee Mill found himself in a life-threatening situation that almost cost him his life. He knew God has spared his and with this new revelation, he knew it was time to make a change. All those years of being in a church choir came back to him and he then realized he wanted to do something to give back and help teens get their lives on the right track and not fall into the same trap he did.

Now Dee Mill is doing God’s work, with a rising buzz over his highly anticipated project With his smooth bass deliveries and unique story telling ability, plans to show the world that he has a hope, an answer to brokenness. Things worth having are worth waiting for.