Bruce Nowlin is back. The eclectic, grandiose, electronic fusion musician from San Antonio, Texas has put together another inspiration of an album. Bruce Nowlin’s latest work comprises eight of his most popular works; four of which charted #1 plus one brand new single. The new single is titled DEAD MAN’S FOLLY and he tested the track with fans on a few social media sites. According to Bruce the response was impressive and overwhelming. Judging by the fans reaction, Bruce Nowlin is likely to have another #1 hit. You be the judge.

Bruce Nowlin in the Top 40. “John 3:16” reached #1 “Lean On” also reached #1 “How Deep Is Your Love” hit #13 “You’re The One” hit #36

If you like the music of Yanni, Jan Hammer, Harold Faltermeyer, Herbie Hancock, Vangelis or Kebu then you will love the music of Bruce Nowlin.

Bruce Nowlin’s love for music started at an early age. So, it should come as no surprise that his music drew inspiration from a plethora of sources. Growing up in the ’80s, when bands like AC/DC and Def Leppard were rising to fame, Bruce started taking guitar lessons to nurture his appetite for music. He didn’t stick to it and didn’t become the next David Gilmore as he envisioned it in his early teens, but this was a great introduction to the realm of synthesizers, percussion instruments, and bass guitar.

“Bruce Nowlin’s on Spotify and … He is a music wizard. His fingertips are enough to calm your mind.” Artist on Rise

“What Bruce Nowlin has created here is fresh and a welcome addition to the scene.” SoundScape

“3rd Dimension is a mixed bag of ideas. It feels like an album without a roadmap … that leads to something very unexpected. It is an eclectic album … and should be paired with some very high-end over-the-ear headphones. It is … both inspirational and dark, it is a juxtaposition of sound that feels very much like controlled chaos.” Empire Music