Interview with Rocco Bene

Interview with Rocco Bene

Interview with Rocco Bene:

Australian artist Rocco Bene returns, as he drops his forthcoming remix EP ‘Have The Faith’, collaborating with Dutch producer/DJ Laurentius and the UK’s revered Ruffloaderz. The result is an upfront record & remixes which are emotionally charged, coupled with uplifting lyrics, soaring vocals and combined with heavy hitting beats – an essential infusion of elements to enable losing yourself on any dance floor.

‘Have The Faith’ is the much anticipated follow up to Rocco’s last release & remake of the Wendy Matthews’ classic ‘The Day You Went Away’ – which received glowing reviews for each of the remixes.

Hi Rocco! Welcome to Artist Rack, how’s it going?

I’m doing great, I’m relaxed, and in my own creative world this Monday morning in Sydney until my phone starts going off lol.

We’re loving your EP, tell us about ‘Have The Faith’? 

Have The Faith was written at a time when my life was turned upside down during the writing process my mum was in hospital fighting for her life.  My manager Bec, myself and my best friend / flat mate Jason were at my place during the day writing the track and smashed it out feeling so positive.
I knew that my mate Jason was down that day but he was grateful that he was there and 4 weeks later he ended his life.
Death should inspire to live your truth and make the most of the one life you have – Have the faith

There certainly is a variety of sounds across the package, why did you decide to make it a remix EP? 

To be honest we never planned it to be a remix package just over time new remixes were added and we just decided last min to do the same like my last single “The Day You Went Away” the feedback was so strong and rewarding with the remix EP and packaging we thought let’s do it again since its happened in a natural way.

What’s your favourite mix and why? 

I have 3 because they all have a significance in my life in that moment in time.
• During the time of my mum and best friend passing away
o Laurentius – House Mix
o Laurentius – Deep House Mix
• When their soul transitioned and life brought me new beginnings. I travelled to the UK and met Julian from the Ruff Loaderz
o Ruff Loaderz – Cool Mix / Deep Vox Mix

Your last release ‘The Day You Went Away’ was a hit, what inspired you the most to remake Wendy Matthews’ classic record?

I have always loved that song when I first heard it when I was like 9 years old and when my mum was battling cancer and my label was asking me to do another cover I went into the studio and surprised them. Even though the producer and I argued and fought through the recording process because he thought I wouldn’t suit the song and with my direction.
He said to me after its release – well done and proud of you, we laugh about it now.

Who are your main influences when making music? 

I love songs with vocals and lyrics that you feel the emotion of the track with its story and musical journey. My inspiration changes all the time and I write to the emotion or moment to where I or others are at in that moment in life.

To give you a brief idea
• Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac
• The Verve / Richard Ashcroft
• Prince
• George Micheal
• Roy Orbison
• Lana Delray
• Madonna
• Cold play
• Tori Amos

Have you always wanted to be involved in the music industry?

Big time lol I was such a shy kid and hated speaking or singing but I remember I was watching the American Music Awards and saying to my parents I want to do that. The next day I did their heads in to do vocal training and several performance schools (which I hated). So I started looking at auditions in the papers and I went to several auditions on my own to work with producers, where I finally struck luck and I got signed to a management/development company at 15 years old.

I look back and laugh to think I just hopped on trains and travelled everywhere on my own to audition at the age of 12. How times have changed lol

What are your longer term goals in music for you now, looking ahead?

Possibly moving to the UK and setting up my base there to really able to expand as an artist and songwriter as I have so many opportunities which I’m going to pursue. We only have one life so there’s no point of dreaming it away, I’m going to live it.

And finally, any big plans for 2018?

Headed to the UK for promo and gigs with my next release with the Ruff Loaderz.
Followed by new collaborations/projects with DJ’s and artist from the Australia, USA and India.