Interview with Harry Braddock

Interview with Harry Braddock

Interview with Harry Braddock

UK based producer Harry Braddock unveils his LP ‘#Discovery’, forthcoming on global promo.

Following his two track Aurora EP back in 2017, which picked up global love across floors & airwaves – UK based Harry Braddock returns. This time up, he drops the long player #Discovery on promo, which features a collection of work that reflects the producer’s varying styles & soundscapes, along with sub-genres of House music.

With each track set to be released as the Spring & subsequent Summer season gets underway in the northern hemisphere, #Discovery is a testament to Harry Braddock’s continued rise & the evolution of his sound.

Set to pick up global club & radio love in the weeks ahead, stay tuned.

Harry, Welcome to Artist Rack! How’s it going?

Hey, things are going good at the moment. I’ve got ‘#Discovery’ coming out over the next few months – which is being well received so far. Then to top it all off I’ve been enjoying what will probably be the only few days of sun the UK will get this year!

Tell us about your LP ‘#Discovery’

#Discovery is a collection of tracks I am releasing as singles over the coming months. It’s really just the result of the journey I have been on to help define my sound, hence the name!

Was there any particular inspiration behind it?

There was a lot of inspiration behind #Discovery, particularly with places I travelled to at the time. I made a point of taking my microphone with me, everywhere I went I’d take it just incase I heard something interesting that I wanted to record.

‘Colorado’, for example, was the result of a skiing holiday. I was skiing down the slope tapping my ski poles together…I then realised that the tapping of the poles could work in a track and so I got my microphone out and got straight to work!

Who are your main influences in music?

Although I don’t outright say to myself “I want to sound like ‘X, Y, & Z’.” I do have a few key artists who probably sub-consciously influence my music: Gorgon City, Disclosure & Blonde are the big ones for me – they always seem to nail their tracks.

Following from your release of Aurora, how does that & #Discovery’ compare?

With #Discovery I pushed my productions to another level, Aurora was really about me getting a hold of the ropes so to speak and understanding the way the industry works. I focused a lot more of my time on the production of #Discovery and I think it shows.

Do you have a favourite track on the LP?


What is it like as an emerging producer in the UK market?

Difficult, there are so many other artists who do similar things so it’s hard to stand out. I think the most important thing is to be yourself, if you like what you do there’s bound to be others who will too.

What are your highlights of the year so far?

Getting my first car!

Any additional plans for 2018?

Keep on making music!!