Interview with ‘Banana Mint’

Interview with 'Banana Mint'

Interview with ‘Banana Mint’

The rise of emerging artist Banana Mint continues on trend, as the producer hailing from France returns off the back of ‘Bliss’ & the more recent ‘Inkouai’ – with both records shining a light on his varying production style.

Presenting his new single ‘Walk the Distance’ – Banana Mint continues the theme on trend & this time delivers an accessible slice of electronica, with an original sound that sets itself apart. Combining much of his trademark production, along with a fusion of fresh elements & catchy vocal hook – ‘Walk the Distance’ is a fine return for Banana Mint & a single that looks set to pick up a multitude of global airwave love in the coming weeks.

Welcome to Artist Rack, Banana Mint – it’s great to have you with us for a chat! How’s it going and what have you been up to?

Thank you for this interview, it’s a pleasure to chat with you! I took some time off to get some perspective and reconnect with my roots, these rare moments are crucial when it comes to building our future…

As an emerging artist, what was the catalyst that drove you to put yourself out there and start pushing your music?

Making electronic music has always been a boy’s dream! My daily work is focused on composing for film, but with the years I decided to initiate side projects to develop my personal insights. Little by little, I reconnected with my earliest drive and electronic music became very obvious. As we say in France: “Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre”! (“all things come to those who wait”!)

The early stages of an artists journey are a learning curve, what would you say you’ve learnt along the way with your previous tracks to date?

I would say one of the biggest things I’ve learned is to get feedback and be open about it. Another thing is to not think too much and actually do: experience and practice are the best teachers.

What inspired you to produce your latest single ‘Walk The Distance’?

With “Bliss” and “Inkouai”, I was more into instrumental House but for my latest release, I wanted to start playing with vocals and compose an actual song. Then came the topic of walking, which is one of my favorite activities in the world (ok, mostly Paris…), but here especially in a figurative way to describe relationships and make a celebration out of it!

Do you plan on any remixes for the record?

I really thought of it as a song on its own so I haven’t considered it, but who knows what happens in the future?

Do you have any artistic influences who you currently admire & look up to, production wise?

I’m very impressed with the production skills of artists like Mark Ronson or Max Martin, they’re more into the pop field but there is so much to learn about their efficiency!

And finally, what are the next few months looking like for you release plans wise?

I’d like to make a new single before the end of the year, and also start thinking about making remixes of tracks I like. Why not diversify a little ?

Thanks for joining us Banana Mint, it’s been a pleasure & we look forward to seeing your journey as an artist continue – till next time!