Interview with Avoly


ArtistRack catches up with the talented Avoly for this exclusive interview and insight into his collaboration with Pat Magada on the new EDM / Future Bass single ‘Santa Cruz’


Where are you from?
Oslo, Norway

How long have you been making music?
I’ve been making electronic music for five years now. Although I do have played guitar since I was around eight.

How many songs have you released to date?
Officially, three releases.

Can you tell us about your latest release and the background and inspirations behind it?
“Santa Cruz,” sung by Pat Magada evolved from John Fassold’s video “How EVERY Chainsmokers song is written.” He created a parody on the Chainsmokers, I reached out to Pat and received the vocals. The plan was to create a more professional Chainsmokers parody, with kinda their style to the whole track, not just the vocals. I used some new vocals from Pat and created a commercial EDM-track which now has over 70K streams on Spotify.

How have you ended up in the music industry?
I’ve always had a passion for music. There is really one specific way I’ve ended up in the music industry. Inspiration, curiosity, and interest made me start with music, and it gets more inspiring every single day.

What do you think of the music industry in 2017?
The mainstream music industry in 2017 has shifted in the wrong direction. “Santa Cruz” was created as a Chainsmokers parody and an experiment to see how far a track with minimal effort can reach. The original video has 600K views on YouTube, and the track has 70K streams on Spotify. The lyrics are thin, the melody as well, but it’s those things that are easy to remember. Just like this track, everything seems to be created from a template that will be a “hit,” while artists do not realize music as an inspirational tool.

Who do you think the most influential artist?
Queen, the whole band. EDM-wise, Flume.

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?

Tell us more about this project?
“Santa Cruz” is a project to see how far it can reach while putting less effort in the music, and more effort in the promotional and commercial aspects of the track. The production quality is good, and Pat’s voice is magnificent, but what’s taken up most time is promotion the project, like a commercial artist.

What’s in the pipeline after this project?
I’m currently working on something a bit more inspirational. A track with recorded instruments, incorporated with electronic music.