Interview with AstroVoyager

Interview with AstroVoyager

Interview with AstroVoyager

Presenting his new single ‘Tomorrow is a Mystery’ feat Jean Paul Flores, which is lifted from the ‘Big Bang’ LP – AstroVoyager, whose real name is Philippe Fagnoni, is a french composer, performer and electronic music producer, fascinated by space and fuelled by the electro explosion of the 80s. For his influences, he readily cites the pioneers of electronic music Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream & later the Dutch DJ producer Armin Van Buuren, but also Jeff Mills or Carl Craig as artists who have had a major influence on the production of his creations. He invites you to explore the infinity of his audio-visual universe and gravitate to the very limits of electro-symphonic music aboard his spatiotemporal capsule.

AstroVoyager distils visual and kinematic music which transports us on an epic and dreamlike journey steeped in science fiction. He gradually weaves his electronic instruments with classical orchestral instruments to create an electronic symphony in a blast of strings ensembles, soprano divas, percussions, synthesizers and electronic beats. Thus, he sets collaborations with renowned classical musicians from the Travelling Quartet, the Tetraktys Ensemble or the Prague Concert Philharmonic, but also with acclaimed electronic musicians such as Blackbird Blackbird or Deep Forest.

AstroVoyager is also known for his live performances. Here again, whether it is during his energetic, highly-charged pyro-musical outdoor events in front of thousands of people or during his concerts in intimate seated auditoriums, he successfully maintains the balance between electronic and classical sounds. With ‘Tomorrow is a Mystery’ feat Jean Paul Flores, AstroVoyager continues a seamless interstellar journey & invites us to join him on this cosmic travel through time & space, with a sublime re-work from Norwegian Glenn Main also firmly along for the ride.

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Hi AstroVoyager, welcome to Artist Rack. How’s it going & what’s been happening in your world?

Hi Artist Rack! I’m fine, thank you. While releasing my last song, I just finished my series of summer concerts with beautiful memories and happy meetings.

You’re here to talk to us about your latest release ‘Tomorrow is a Mystery’. What can you tell us about the record & how it came into being?

This song is part of my Big Bang album recorded with the Prague Concert Philharmonic. Behind the 12 electronic & orchestral tracks you will find 3 songs. Tomorrow is a Mystery is one of them. It’s a song in two parts: the first on a trance rhythm with and dreamy pads, the second with a progressive acoustic rhythm and the mellow strings of the orchestra… The voice of Jean-Paul Florès is the bridge between these two worlds… So live the moment and let yourself be guided by the light of your star…


Were there any particular challenges involved in producing the record?

The principal challenge was to assemble the two parts the song… and of course, recording the song with the Prague Concert Philharmonic.

What was your favourite part about the collaboration with Jean Paul Flores?

My favourite part about our collaboration with Jean-Paul Flores is when we join us on stage to interpret the song… Last but not least, on stage he also plays special guitar parts… Another favorite part is when we worked on the synthwave remix of the song with Norvegian electronic musician Glenn Main.

Do you have any musical inspirations/influences? If so who & why?

Right now, I’m listening to Orbital Monsters exists album, but also Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygen 3 and Electronica projects… Not forgetting my favourite soundtrack composers: Hans Zimmer and Eric Serra… And Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, Marc Romboy, but also Armin van Buuren… As you can see, I have various musical influences… the only lead is electronic music.

What are the personal highlights of your career so far, for you artistically?

I think the principal highlights was the recording of my Big Bang album in Prague with the orchestra at the Czech Radio Studios… And later playing Big Bang live with them in France… Later our release party in a famous French venue in Paris called « Le Triton » …

Can you fill us in on any future releases in the making?

Of course… A new single is already on the way… And before the end of the year, we will release the live DVD of our Big Bang concert with the Prague Concert Philharmonic.

And finally, what’s next on the agenda for AstroVoyager?

We are now booking the 2019 show season… And I’m also working on my forthcoming musical project… But it’s to early to speak about it… So stay tuned and see you in the cosmos…