Interview with Adassiya

Interview with Adassiya

Interview with Adassiya

Behind an amalgamation of Eastern & Western cultures, conceals a sensitive artist & one that lets her creativity speak directly through her writing. Real name Anissa Stili, Adassiya began her musical career as a singer in her teenage years & saw her recording a debut album with major label, Warner Music. Following on from this, Adassiya toured the globe with the revered French musical The 10 Commandments, allowing her to discover the riches of the world first hand & further expand her artistic mind.

Originally coming from the hip-hop scene, Adassiya found herself in an enviable position of collaborating on multiple projects with some of the most respected rappers of her generation & in 2014, she embraced a new-found passion & started to DJ. With this, Adassiya also embraced a feeling of freedom & ability to share her art with an audience – having since graced the likes of Paris, Cannes, Berlin, Dubai, Lebanon, Istanbul, St Barthélémy, Montreal, Tokyo, Seoul & Ibiza with her sound.

Across her forthcoming La Vida EP, Adassiya seamlessly combines elements of Oriental & Electronic music & brings them together in unique fashion – with ‘Intoxicate’ dropping first, a further two cuts ‘Human’ & ‘La Vida’ are set to follow in the weeks ahead.

Committed in the studio & generous in life, Adassiya is a free-spirited artist & ready to reveal herself to the world.


Adassiya, welcome to Artist Rack! How’s it going?

Hello, I’m fine thank you. Before I start, I’d like to thank you for the invitation. I’m very excited to see my EP on all the download platforms. I have worked on this project for two years, and to see it real is a dream come true.

It sounds like you have quite an extensive background in the music industry to date, what would you say brought you to where you are now as a producer & performer?

I started singing and composing music when I was very young, my first influences were Soul RNB, I used to hang out with many DJ’s, beatmakers… I always felt the need to play with the turntables, but in 2014, I took my first lesson. It sounded like an obviousness. I wanted to be on stage behind the turntables.

Tell us about the first record to kick start your La Vida EP, ‘Intoxicate’. What inspired the concept & standout production sound?

Before I started to produce this first EP, I was in a real introspection. The mix between our origins and the environment in which we live in sometimes makes things complex and it’s hard not to lose yourself. I took the time to better learn myself to be able to create music that suits me. The creation of “intoxicate me” sounded like obvious to me. I am « intoxicate », a mix between orient, occident, modernity, desire, passion and love.

Having worked in the hip hop scene, what can you describe are the differences between the scenes & vibe of each?

It’s similar, more men than women ha. There is no real difference in the way of creating music, but more in the way of approaching it. Codes are different, the strategies for communication as well.

What is music culture in France like? Do you favour it over any other cities you have toured & visited?

France is a multicultural country (laughs) today, French music goes from variety to afro trap music and I am very proud of this colorful diversity. Then, France is my birth country, but I feel international. Thanks to my job, I have the opportunity to travel a lot, so I get inspired from what I live. The oriental culture by my origins, my trips to Lebanon, Dubai, Egypt…. And my tours to Japan, Korea, the United States, the Caribbean, east Europe have fed with their culture, their music, all so different.

We’re aware there are two further anticipated singles from your La Vida EP to come, what’s up next?

Yes, I am about to release 2 further singles from my La Vida EP then…. surprise!!!

What other artists currently inspire you musically? Any favourite tracks at the moment?

Many artists inspire my music from different styles. I am a big fan of Warda, an oriental singer. I also like Jill Scott, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Tamar Braxton but also DJ Snake, diplo, Mahmut Orhan, Sevdaliza, Low Deep T, Tchami, Shiba San, Malik Mustache

And finally, any other exciting plans for 2018?

I am preparing many things for the rest of 2018. First of all, new tracks with different collaborations, but also remixes. I also work with my team on new shows and many other surprises but I’m not going to reveal everything 🙂