Industrial Age – Lost In Bass


Industrial Age – Lost In Bass: 17 beats, electronic drums, trance bass.

 Avid-musician, skilled-composer and all-around music-enthusiast Sean Begora has been creating intense sounds & sonic rhythms for years. As he spent his time practicing, writing, recording and discovering new, incredible ways to combine sounds into exciting & captivating compositions, Sean found an instant connection to music and it’s been all he’s ever wanted to do with his time since thereafter.

As he continually progressed, refined and developed his skills, Sean began to search for new, innovative ways to challenge himself once again. Always pushing his own creativity as far as it will take him; Sean Begora writes & composes all his material and often plays with other incredibly talented musicians involved in the mix. With bold intentions to seek out exotic combinations and rhythmic melodies that find a deep resonance within us all Sean set out to write his most exciting and challenging music to date; the result is his stunning new instrumental album, Industrial Age.

Using dozens upon dozens of drum-kits both real and electronic, Industrial Age contains hundreds of authentically played drum & percussion sounds. Steering clear of any pre-programmed elements, the massive atmospheres recorded on Industrial Age were the result of the beautiful collaboration between precision-playing and sharp decisions made in the studio. Often layering the drums to occupy three of the tracks when recording; Industrial Age has come out sounding absolutely HUGE.

As Sean continues to find ways to challenge himself as a musician and create new, exciting music for you to listen to, support for Industrial Age continues to grow at an extremely rapid pace. Already writing new material, this relentlessly dedicated & inspiring music-creator is sure to be back in the studio again soon enough…and for many more years to come.