Hush Empire – Eyes Closed

Hush Empire dropping the Official Video for, ‘Eyes Closed’

Hush Empire is a Los Angeles based musical project started by Nick O’Leary in the summer of 2015. His musical work span stylings inspired by old folk influences, infused with musical technologies of today. Nick writes, produces, and sound engineers his own music and recruits musicians needed for shows that require a full band. Yet, he’s no stranger to a stage alone with just an acoustic guitar.

His new EP is set to release at the closing of 2020. Entitled “Lone Sum,” this body of work is the product of six months spent completely alone, quarantined in an old house in Toluca Lake (Los Angeles). Each song has its own unique influences. The songs touch on the struggles of romance in Hollywood, the grinding pull of the day to day, and flash backs of a far more toxic lifestyle. This EP is the product of a heavy recipe, a violent shift in lifestyle and surroundings. From the abrupt, unexpected passing of his older brother in February, to a cold turkey halt into complete sobriety. Along with the apocalyptic pandemic atmosphere we’ve all become so unfortunately familiar with. In this new music, there are no gimmicks. Just an authentic infusion of reflection and simplicity transpired through melodies you won’t be able to get out of your head.