Hetchy – Gemini

Hetchy introducing brand new song release: Stream Entry

Taken from the full-length album “Gemini”

October 2020 – Hetchy is a recording artist and music producer with a focus on creating beautifully layered instrumental tracks, tipping the hat off to a wide variety of musical influences. His most recent studio album, “Gemini,” is a strong example of the artist’s ability to set the bar higher in terms of beautiful sonic soundscapes and innovative production aesthetics. The single “Stream Entry” feels like one of the most accomplished song on the album, tipping the hat off to artists such as Sigur Ros, Boards of Canada, as well as Jon Hopkins.

The song unfolds through found-sound type percussion, as well as soothing blankets of sounds and textural elements adding depth and richness to the mix. Going for about 7 minute, the song is one of the album’s lengthiest and most immersive composition, perfectly summarizing the spirit of this release and Hetchy’s direct attitude as a performer and artist who defies the usual cliches.

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