Héroes del Sol – Fuera de Este Mundo

Héroes del Sol - Fuera de Este Mundo

Hèroes del Sol introducing a new release: Fuera de este mundo

November 2020 – Music is more exciting when artists break the usual rules and move outside of their comfort zone. This is exactly what happens with Hèroes del Sol, a band with a focus on creating music that feels extremely diverse, yet strongly focused on creating an exciting, modern sound with roots in new wave, post-punk and alternative music. Their most recent studio album, Fuera de este mundo is indeed a fantastic expression of all of the aforementioned influences put forth by the band. From the big, stadium-sized melodies of bands like U2 and Angels & Airwaves, down to the energetic edge of groups like Smashing Pumpkins, anything goes.

10 songs, 10 different contributions to the band’s kaleidoscopic approach. Somewhere in between incredibly well-planned arrangements and poetic lyrics, Hèroes del Sol managed to create an album that has got so much to offer, including a passionate and honest portrait of the band itself, song after song.

Find out more about Hèroes del Sol and do not miss out on this excellent new studio release.