Helgi H – Gullfoss

Icelandic artist Helgi H releases the Music Video for new project titled ‘Gullfoss’

Helgi Hálfdánarson, better known as Helgi H, is a talented artist with a passion for great music.
This talented Icelandic performer is not only a musician. He also dabbles in painting, composition, photography, engineering and programming, revealing a creative, innovative and multi-faceted personality. His most recent release actually focuses on EDM music, and it really stands out due to its encompassing production aesthetics and beautiful melodies.

The release is titled “Gullfoss” and it is yet another example of Icelandic musical excellent. The project has powerful grooves and haunting textures, combining catchy dance music with cool ambient tones and smart arrangements with a lot of energy and trance-like atmospheres. The matching music video depicts some of Iceland’s most amazing natural beauties, including an amazing waterfall, which has likely inspired the title of the song itself.

This is more than just a song: it is a deeper musical journey with a lot of passion and beauty!