Heistheartist – Bring Me Back to Life

Heistheartist is back with a brand new single “Bring Me Back to Life”

Heistheartist is due to release his debut EP “Sinner”. One of the standout songs on the album, “Bring Me Back to Life”, embodies the heart and soul of the EP.

In this release, he bravely explores the divide between angels and demons. More specifically, the artist looks at experience of fighting your personal demons.

Heistheartist was briefly involved in the porn industry. This experience was foundational for the EP. “Bring Me Back to Life” is an intimate exploration about his past. The artist bravely asks whether he will be forgiven for his sins. This single is a moving, and stirring look at humanities dark side. Heistheartist approaches these topics with sensitivity and deep introspectiveness.

The style and artistic approach to music are reminiscent of the likes of No Doubt, The Cranberries, and Alanis Morissette, to mention but a few. He brings that same authentic and raw energy to the creation of his music.

Follow the link below to listen to “Bring Me Back to Life”. Don’t forget to follow Heistheartist on his socials to keep updated on his upcoming music, shows, and activities!