Hardo – Never Look Back

Maxiinfest, Hardø, and Fox collaborating on new release, “Never Look Back”

There is something really special in the air when talented artists converge. In some cases, 3 minds can be better than one, especially when each person involved in the project has such a distinctive blend of talent to make things more unique and personal.

This is certainly the case of Maxiinfest, Hardø, and Fox, who joined forces on a fantastic new release, “Never Look Back.”

This project is all about channeling the grit, punch and aggressiveness of modern trap music. Their sound reminds of artists like Suicide Boys, Bones or Lil Peep, but with a much more distinctive focus. Together, these 3 artists really managed to bring something new to the genre, and “Never Look Back” is all about their desire to set the bar higher and bring the genre forward. In terms of production, “Never Look Back” sets a strong example, showing how far artists can go with their beats.

Find out more about Maxiinfest, Hardø, and Fox, and do not miss out on “Never Look Back” and other remarkable releases from these talented performers, who joined forces to really create something that’s absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Beat by : 8beatz

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