Hardo ft Two Hearts – I’m Not Alone

Hardo releasing brand new single, “I’m Not Alone,” featuring Two Hearts

Hardo is a singer and a artist who was born in Argentina. He has a very unique background and more importantly, a distinctive way to combine different musical influences in order to create a special sound. Recently, he actually teamed up with Two Hearts in light of a new single release, “I’m Not Alone.”

As the title of the song might suggest, this is a personal and somewhat introspective track, yet it still offers a very hopeful and driven sound, inspired by modern hip-hop, trap and R&B. Following in the footsteps of innovators such as XXXTENTACION, Post Malone, or Suicide Boys, Hardo created a sound that is lyrically in-depth, but also very energetic and forward-thinking. The song begins with some gloomy analog synth melodies and minimalist percussion, before delving into a fat trap-inspired beat, which hits as hard as it get.

The vocals fall somewhere in between melodic parts and trap verses, with slow and heavy feel. You’ll hear English and Spanish alike, bringing a lot of sonic diversity to this release, and showcasing the versatility of Hardo’s astonishing vocal skills and lyrical flow..

Listen to “I’m Not Alone,” and do not miss out on Hardo’s music