Ha Ha Mantis – Introducing Ha Ha Mantis

Ha Ha Mantis - Introducing Ha Ha Mantis

Check out the debut album ‘Introducing Ha Ha Mantis’ by Ha Ha Mantis

Ha Ha Mantis is a pop-rock band, based in Rochester, New York.  

The brains behind Ha Ha Mantis, are John P. Pritchard and Mathew A. Fuller, two talented musicians who have known each other since their early twenties. You can instantly tell that these two are close friends and collaborators, as Ha Ha Mantis has a nice synthesis and harmony for a two-man project.

Not only does the songwriting have a Lennon and McCartney energy, but the songs featured on their debut album “Introducing Ha Ha Mantis” are heavily inspired by the early 60’s Beatles sound. Ha Ha Mantis have also been compared to iconic rock legends such as The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty, to name but a few.