Gusto Mahir – Waddup, Waddup

Gusto Mahir - Waddup, Waddup

Gusto Mahir collaborates with BriRealIll on brand new single, “Waddup Waddup”

The Norfolk area has long been considered a true hotspot for the hip-hop scene. Many new, exciting sounds and talented artists to watch out are actually coming from the artist, and Gusto Mahir certainly stands out as one of the most promising and popular of the whole region.

Recently, this talented performer set out to team up with BriRealIll, a particularly influential artist from the Bay Area of Pittsburgh, California, to collaborate on a huge new song, a fantastic single titled “Waddup Waddup”.

This track has everything you might be looking for in a hip-hop song. It’s got gritty, raw punch, but also a lot of melodies. It has got in-your-face rhymes, but also a lot of lyrical depth. This is one of those tracks that will certainly make its way into your heavy rotation and stay right there for quite a while.

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