Greg Telfeian – Your Thoughts

Greg Telfeian - Your Thoughts

Greg Telfeian proudly presents his latest single, ‘Your Thoughts’

You can listen to ‘Your Thoughts’ here officially releasing on December 21st

Hi all, In the next coming months, I will be sharing with you what I believe to be, a big piece of who I am. For all the years, I’ve been making music with some amazing artists and learned so much in living that experience.On the other hand, I have felt that I have not achieved my full potential in conveying my own ideas and expanding on not just badass drum grooves but guitar parts, vocal melodies, bass lines, and other production ideas.

Drums was always more than just an instrument to me but more a reference point to integrate progression with a variation on all the instruments involved.I write my drums to the guitar mostly coming up with the bass drum hits and then evolving incrementally throughout the process. I see the writing on the wall and know that the songs going to write itself and it most certainly does.

It starts with a nagging idea that you keep hearing over and over again. It gets to the point where if you choose to ignore it, it will manifest in another unproductive way.What I mean by this is resenting the fact that I never really gave my own songs the true focus they deserved and I can’t sleep because these rhythm’s and melodies won’t go away.Then I go to work and sit there doing something that I am very much into but may not be all I am. I start to lose faith in what I know I am able to accomplish.These tracks are a representation of finally bringing these ideas to light, the journey into the process and the message it carries with it. Don’t let yourself get in the way of yourself. We do it all the time! Making a choice to be creative or watch Netflix doesn’t seem to be hard a choice, however many times is.

Ignoring your inner voice and settling for a night of mediocrity over and over gets fkn old. Do something that you think you’re great at doing, present it to the world and let them see that you are actually great at doing it.Even if you’re just doing it, that’s what I am talking about! The thing I am realizing here is that I never really learned how to get my music out to potential fans.I have recorded with some great bands, yet we have really never been heard by the masses. So all this time, I’m thinking what’s the best way to do that? Document the process, right?Well, sounds easy enough. I’ll just record myself doing what I do, day in and day out. Well, that has never happened. With this being in my lap, I have no excuse. It’s a work in progress, however, will be an appropriate and integral part of the process. My hope is that it resonates with you, opening your eyes to unveiling your true self. I’m enjoying the journey and will share it with whoever wants to tag along.

One Love!