Greg Arnold & The Suburban Daydreamers – Until the Rain

Artistrack brings to you ‘Until the Rain’ by Greg Arnold & The Suburban Daydreamers

In 2019 Greg Arnold played a show in Bingara, New South Wales with Things of Stone and Wood. During the show, a wild storm arrived and the crowd continued dancing and singing along in the swirling wind and dust. After a while he noticed an eerie absence – there was no rain – not a drop. He hadn’t realised that the town had been enduring a terrible drought.
He wrote the song (along with fellow Aussie in Switzerland, Carlyle Christopherson) in response to the incredible communal resilience he saw that night.
“Until the Rain” is a singer-songwriter’s emotional reaction to the harsh reality of Australia’s often brutal climate and how communities pull together to deal with the droughts, the floods and the fires.