Good for Nothing – This Life’s a Joke

Good for Nothing - This Life's a Joke

Good for Nothing is back on the scene with a brand new release: “This Life’s a Joke.”

May 2020 – Good for Nothing is a band with a focus on creating a very distinctive sound by blending different genres and influences. From the punch of alternative rock to the bittersweet melodies of understated indie songwriters, anything goes.

Recently, the Chicago-based group dropped their very first release: “This Life’s a Joke.” The EP sports a sound that is deeply rooted in the impact of hard rock music, but the band’s formula features cinematic appointments, such as Morricone-style soundtrack influences as well as surf guitar tones that bring back that unmistakable twang and reverb splash of the 60s.

The production of the EP allows the band to stay true to their natural dynamic, capturing their energy without overpowering the authenticity of the performances with excessive trickery in the studio. Having said that, you can expect a clear, warm sound that pops out of the speakers!

Check out Good for Nothing, and do not miss out on “This Life’s a Joke” and other releases from this talented, one-of-a-kind group.