Golding – Alone. Together.

Golding - Alone. Together.

Golding is winning-over hearts with their new single “Alone. Together”. 

Golding is an Indie-Electronic duo based in the Gold Coast, Australia. 

The group is made up of vocalist Jay Bainbridge and producer Matt Bartlem. Matt is well-known as a producer who has worked for established acts such as Matt Corby and Jarryd James, among many others. 

The group has just released their second release, “Alone. Together”. This song explores the vivid experience of being separated from the entire world during lock down, yet connecting deeply with loved ones at home. 

The song came about naturally when Jay was spontaneously singing to his wife one evening over drinks during the lockdown. It came from an honest and romantic place and Jay immediately recognized that it was a universal song that everyone could relate to. He quickly recorded the melody on his phone and sent it to Matt who started to work on the production on the track. That was how “Alone. Together” was born. 

In Jay’s own words, 

“It was in a moment with my wife, we were just having fun and enjoying each other in a really normal and natural way. It was weird though because whilst I was fully in the moment with her, I was also able to be outside the moment and realise how relatable and real this same situation must be for so many other people.”

In this track, Golding draws inspiration from electronic-pop artists such as Alt-J and Phoenix. Just likes these bands “Alone. Together” has a distinctive dreamy vibe with cascading melodies and an indie-dance feel. 

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