Gary Burk III – Two Lane Airplane

Gary Burk III - Two Lane Airplane
[MUST LISTEN] Gary Burk III introducing brand new release: Two Lane Airplane.

August 2020 – Gary Burk III is an artist who specializes in creating music that feels open, bright and warm. Following his dream since the age of 9, his sound channels the classic edge of country music, but he also has a modern feel to it, which sets the bar higher in terms of production quality and innovation.

Gary is a master at creating songs that have two sides: on one end, they are catchy and uplifting. On the other, they are incredibly easy to relate to, revealing his personal approach and the fact that he is truly connected to the music that he writes and performs for his audience. Two Lane Airplane is indeed yet another example of Gary Burk III’s amazing artistry, and creative vision for this project. The instrumental sections are just as well-balanced and expertly tailored as the vocals, giving the song a perfect feel, which really makes for a world-class listening experience, which will please all fans of great country music.

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