FreqLoad & Ampong – Tella Friend

FreqLoad & Ampong introducing new release, “Tella Friend.”

FreqLoad & Ampong are two British artists with a goal: they want to leave a deep mark on the music scene, and in order to do that, they are creating the best music the can. The numbers speak loud and clear: so far, they scored over 45.000 streams on Spotify alone! They recently also managed to release one of their hottest tracks to date: “Tella Friend.”

The song is an example of the innovative style of these two artists, who set out to combine old-school hip-hop vocals with a sound that echoes the golden age of European EDM music. The bouncy bass synth tones at the start merge so well with the raw vocal tones and the kick drum serves as the backbone for this release. The track is even shorter than 3 minutes, but it actually packs an incredible punch, giving the audience a huge rush. In addition to that, the production of the song is very interesting, with many amazing melodies and a fantastic beat to set the bar higher. This song is a great example of what it is like to make music that’s pure fun and engaging, keeping the audience on their feet.

Find out more about FreqLoad & Ampong, and listen to their new banger, “Tella Friend,” which is currently available on Spotify, and other streaming platforms on the web: