Fransisca London – Worst Day (Digital Status)

Fransisca London brings to us her single titled Worst Day taken from her ‘Digital Status’ album which is available to purchase here

Fransisca London and her music has been featured nationally on XM Satellite Radio and Music Choice Hit List! She Achieved #1 Pop Punk track on GarageBand and landed the #1 spot for AC/Hot AC Most Added on national radio. In addition she has had a number of successful dance track releases in the UK.

Born in Stuttgart Germany, Fransisca now resides between London, England and Los Angeles, Ca.

She is an American citizen with dual citizenship. Her father was in the Air Force (Yes she was an air force brat!) but he passed away at an early age. Her mother is Northern Irish. But like most Americans she is a bit mixed because her ancesters are from Poland, Ukraine, Ireland, and France.

Fransisca has always been fascinated by music and theater. Her mother is an accomplished piano player and she grew up listening to her play and used to sit at the piano and make up little songs etc.

Her father was a huge “Rat Pack” fan and he loved old fashioned singers like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Bing Crosby etc… So she also grew up listening to these incredible singers and their raw talent.

Ms. London grew up performing. She started out doing dance and figure skating and loved expressing herself to music. She also loved performing in school musicals and school plays. She was a competitive figure skater until she went to boarding school in Northern Ireland which is where she began singing.

She started singing in a piano/restaurant bar and earned herself good tips as the singing waitress. She went to college at the University of Glasgow in Scotland where she began getting recording work as a session singer, as well as singing her way round all the open mic nights and being a member of several “crappy bands.”

She graduated early with a masters of honors degree in Social and Economic History and it was then she moved to London to seriously pursue musical ambitions.

After singing in the clubs and singing covers at open mic nights and showcases, she soon began to get some demos of her own material together and began sending her demos around. She collaborated with some of the best producers in the UK and wrote all the songs on her album entitled Digital Status.

Her 2016 album is available on iTunes and all major digital distribution services.