Frankiebee – The Raven

Frankiebee: NY/NJ band brings to us their new Edgar Allan Poe-inspired single, ‘The Raven’

Frankiebee is a band straight out of the Bronx, NY.

Their sound could be described as a diverse and powerful blend of alternative & rock music, with a punchy and direct feel.

Ever since their early days, the group set out to create music that isn’t only hard-hitting, but also conceptually relevant and intelligent. Their brand new single, “The Raven” is a really great example of their ability to combine heavy rock with cool literary references. The song tips the hat to one of the most revered authors of all time, Edgar Allan Poe.

In the song, The Raven is a mysterious serial killer, who targets beautiful victims and overpowers them with mind control. He later leaves a copy of the famous story at each crime scene, in tribute to his idol, Poe himself!

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