Foxie Balboa – Ain’t Got Time

Foxie Balboa is here to give you a taste of Aussie rap with her new single, Ain’t Got Time

Foxie Balboa is an Australian rap artist based in Adelaide. Recently, she had the chance to meet up with the legendary Snoop Dogg, who actually inspired her to travel to Toronto, Canada, where she recorded Ain’t Got Time, her stunning debut single. What’s special about this song is how she combines her rap influences, with the freshness of pop and the brio of Latin music. Her style echoes the work of influential performers, such as earlier Ke$ha, as well as Beyonce and Missy Elliott, but going for a more modern and direct feel. The verses are catchy and energetic, and the hooks are especially memorable, setting the bar higher with a bold lyrical statement. A self-described underdog who has been on the sidelines for a while, Foxie finally decided that it is her time now to stand out and do something special with her music!

Find out more about Foxie Balboa, and do not miss out on “Ain’t Got Time,” and other releases from this talented artist, who is on his way to leave a mark on the local music scene, and beyond.