FLEMT – In My Dreams (The Time Has Come)



FLEMT – In My Dreams (From The Time Has Come Album): In 2011, Bon Jovi went to Italy and held a competition for bands across the region. FLEMT, along with several hundred other bands, competed to be able to open for Bon Jovi. FLEMT won. This was a pivotal point in the career of FLEMT. In 2013, FLEMT released The Time Has Come album. In 2016 this cd took on a new life in the U.S. under the new management of Gina Whitt (Southern Girl Promotions, LLC.) and Alessandro Lapini (band leader) as radio stations across the U.S. and Canada began adding it to a daily rotation. .As of 2017, The Time Has Come cd and FLEMT are gaining new followers each day. In the next few months new music will be released.