Fire Follows – Glass Grenade

Fire Follows - Glass Grenade

Fire Follows drop their new single, ‘Glass Grenade’

Make no mistake; the Colorado based Fire Folllows is here on business. Founded, crafted, and led by musician, producer, and writer Chris Watt, the band delivers a melodic, yet heavy rock sound that is defined by anthemic choruses, beautiful piano interludes, and the perfect blend of rap/scream/sing vocals. In an effort to build a dynamic band that is capable of touring in 2021, Chris brought in seasoned musicians Tim Yunker (second vocals) and Emily Gould (drums). Their influence can be immediately felt on the newest “Glass Grenade” release, showcasing Tim’s gospel/soul inspired vocal stylings, and Emily’s dynamic and precise drumming techniques. Fire Follows gained tremendous industry attention with the “If It’s War You Want” EP release in 2019, and expects that trend to continue with the 5 song “Glass Grenade” release in 2020. The songs demonstrate Chris’s ever evolving writing style, and with a radio ready production quality, are sure to cut through the industry noise. The sophomore release utilizes more scream vocals than it’s predecessor, and the addition of Tim and Emily has taken the overall sound to a whole new level. The hooky choruses are sure to produce multiple hits, and will be enjoyed by fans from pop, classical, and country genres, in addition to traditional hard-rock/meal fans.

The group is already writing for the next album, and actively rehearsing in preparation of touring once the industry gets back on the rails. Want to learn more about the band and its members? Head over to the YouTube channel where you can watch Podcast style dialogues between Chris, Tim, and Emily in studio.