Esly Juarez – Heaven Highway

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Heaven Highway’ by Esly Juarez

Could Platinum Valentine, Esly Juarez Be Looking To Score His First Grammy?

With the release of his Valentine’s Day 2024 Album, Hey Now Universe Host Esly Juarez has hoisted the power in the light of joy of the sunshine. The 15 song album, Platinum Valentine is a heartfelt synthesis revolving the emotions that are expressed from the natural instincts of love. From admiring the flavors of women, accepting the blames that appear in relationships, and establishing the respectful understanding of when a lover has chosen another. The “Dazed Awake” frontman has solidified an impactful status in the music industry as a highly regarded tunesmith. With tracks such as ‘Heaven Highway’ the California native stays true to his belief in faith which in turn guarantees Juarez to be a mighty candidate for Best Pop Solo Performance or Album of the Year.