Ellias Rose – Really Want Love

Ellias Rose - Really Want Love

Ellias Rose is back with a brand new release called Really Want Love

October 2020: Ellias Rose is a singer and songwriter who recently dropped a brand new release: Really Want Love. This is a beautiful song of longing, sung with passion and intensity, which perfectly matches the feel of these lyrics. The talented Toronto artist is actually building a really quick following with his music, and it is not surprising to see that so many listeners are tuning into his frequencies.

He has a sound that brings together the best of various genres and influences, but it does so in such an incredible seamless way that it is quite impossible not to immediately feel taken with such an amazing approach to music production. Everything on Really Want Love is spot-on, and the mix hits the mark, with every element falling into its rightful place so effortlessly and so seamlessly.

Check out Really Want Love on your favorite digital music streaming platform, and do not miss out on more music from Ellias Rose, who has a few other exciting tracks out there as well.