Elis King – Sexy Body

Elis King – Sexy Body:

Elis King, raised in a music family in Africa, studied music growing up and has worked with talented songwriters and musicians around the world. As part of his musical desire he was spotted by the ISC (international songwriting competition) Nashville Tennessee,
which he gained more recognition and exposure internationally for his skillful songwriting and music production.

In pursuit of his musical career, goals, achievements and contribution to the music industry, Elis King moved to the United States of America which he then worked behind stage with other American music executives, music producers and artists .

In February 2016, he established his own music label called Caliking Music.
CKM music label specializes in music production. Following his passion in music, Elis king is working on releasing his debut studio album named ‘Most High’. His new, popular hit song ‘Sexy Body’ uses the platform of inspiration to make up his great beat making waves on air now.

Elis king previous songs has earned him numerous awards, commendations from individuals, artists and organizations.