El Duba sound 3.0 – Quiero Decirte

El Duba SOUND 3.0 is back with a new release: “Quiero Decirte”

August 2022 – El Duba SOUND 3.0 is an artist with a true passion for making music that explores a huge range of styles and sounds, including reggae, dub, and more.

This release offers a great taste of genuine creativity, and a very diverse vision, which fuels the artist’s work. Ultimately, what makes this release quite special is the fact that the artist’s work is not really based on any standard formula, but rather on a combination of styles and ideas that reveal the artist’s unique and one-of-a-kind personality.

This is an excellent blend of aesthetics and styles that knows no boundaries in terms of creativity, and the unique twist of the music will undoubtedly create a stronger connection with the audience overall. The rhythmic and melodic elements of the compositions tip the hat off to some of the most authentic reggae tones. However, there is also a modern dub component, which makes the sound of El Duba SOUND 3.0 all he more intuitive and special. This is definitely a must-listen for true reggae fans!

Find out more about El Duba SOUND 3.0, and listen to “Quiero Decirte.”