Edge of Blacksmiths – Remnant of the War

Edge of Blacksmiths – Remnant of the War:

Edge of Blacksmiths is a hard rock/metalcore band based out of Tokyo, Japan. Drowning in an ocean of J-pop and Japanese Idol culture, Edge of Blacksmiths strive to breathe fresh life into the metal scene of Japan.

“Remnant of the War” is the bands first music video and is a delicious fusion of Western horror and the heated fury of Japanese metal. We join the band as they watch one of their favorite horror movies with a surprise twist ending.

Though the song structure is contemporary metal, songwriter Takahiro Nomiya made a point to include traditional Japanese music accents to the song. He explains, “There are times when we are sad, but this emotion can turn into strength. I put that feeling into the lyrics of “Remnant of the War.”

Starring Stefanie Joosten, Haku Inko, Kyle Card, Christopher McCombs, and Natalia Natchan. Directed by Raito Nishizaka.