E.L. Davis – Window To The World

E.L. Davis and the band are back with their poignant new record Stars We’ve Never Seen. The 6-song EP is set for release May 6. Their defiant and kinetic first single, Window to the World will be released April 8 and their elegant, self-dubbed “cowboy-Motown” single Where Do We Go From Here on April 15. The 3rd Single, a blistering cover of the INXS track Don’t Change releases April 29. Don’t Change is so relevant for our times. . . in a world awakening from the long slumber of the pandemic.

Following a long overdue reunion in the Spring of 2019 and the successful release of their EP Brave Songs, the band returned to Los Angeles in late 2021 to record Stars We’ve Never Seen, once again working with acclaimed Producer and co-conspirator Todd Herfindal at his solar-powered Sun Studio.

Discussing the initial writing and recording of Stars We’ve Never Seen, Davis said “it started out with a chaotic and somewhat angry vibe but the magnitude of events over the past 2 years…….. and the exhausting effect of what all of us (the world) have been facing collectively, the mood evolved to one of reflection and ultimately hope”.

E.L. Davis is joined by Dylan Brock, Fraser Lunney, Tommy Rickard, Conor Maguire and Todd Herfindal. The band in various incarnations have been playing together for 20-plus years. Davis noted, “we are spread out geographically, so it is sometimes hard for all of us to be in the same room at the same time, but we make it happen…….usually over Tacos”.