Duke Charelle – Secret Lover

Duke Charelle - Secret Lover

Duke Charelle introducing brand new song, “Secret Lover”

Duke Charelle is an artist and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan.

He’s an award-winning performer, known for his groovy sounds, and funk-inspired melodies, tipping the hat off to masters of the craft as diverse as Prince, Jimi Hendrix, or Parliament Funkadelic, among others.

Recently, Duke announced the release of a new song, “Secret Lover.” This track combines the energy of rock music with the rhythms and melodies of funk. In addition to that, it also embraces the universal appeal of pop.

Duke’s voice is full and charismatic, and it seamlessly blends in with the diverse range of sonic textures. “Secret Lover” Will also be featured on the artists brand new album, “Beyond The Magick Mirror,” featuring 12 tracks. On this remarkable release, Duke is joined by talented musicians such as Dean Ragland (P Funk All Stars, Prince, Bootsy Collins) on drums.

With such an astonishing combination of world-class musicianship and outstanding production value, this new single is a force to be reckoned with, and so is the rest of the album!

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