Drone Flesh – Potential Paradox

Drone Flesh - Potential Paradox

ArtistRack is excited to once again bring you Electronic Dance Music Producer ‘Drone Flesh.’ We bring to you his new 5 track EP ‘Potential Paradox’, which showcases his producing skills. We hope you enjoy listing to ‘Potential Paradox’ as much as we did:

Drone Flesh ignores the rules, controls the madness and turns the chaos into complexity.

Garnering some serious attention last year for his harrowing, gruesome brand of blended electro and complextro, Drone Flesh boldly compiles a collection of genre-hopping selections that all stay true to his haunting, bass-driven sinister sound with his latest release “Potential Paradox”.

With an uncompromising, modern to the core and extremely diverse and eclectic approach to his blend of heavy, dirty, grinding and gut-busting electronic bass music he creates a strong immersive energy by embracing an immense sonic spectrum, while embodying the cold precision of techno beats, the punch and dark athmospheres of dubstep all colliding into a forward-thinking set of tunes.

You’re on a space craft flying around the universe? Are you standing on earth staring at the sky? Or are you doing both in parallel universes at the same time? The latter is how his genre-defying tracks feel.

Listen to Drone Fresh’s EP “Potential Paradox”, a throbbing showcase of Drone Flesh’s unmistakable sound that combines his unique, glitch-heavy bass with resonating orchestrated synths and clever, well-timed samples, resulting in a head-thumping collection of dance floor destroyers.



“Earquake”: A lacerating electro cut with a wiry synth arrangement matched with booming drum work.
“Potential Paradox”: A hybrid fusion of house and techno inspired sounds.
“Get Down”: A sliding bass and pounding drum kicks are fused with grimy, robotic synth arrangements.
“Sounds From Spectre”: A unique mix of baroque chants, hip hop beats and a grumbling bassline deftly enriched with Drone Flesh’s penetrating sounds.
“Do You Can Be”: Infectious, contagious, and mesmerizing.