Dream Thief – Low (Review)

Dream Thief - Low

[MUSIC REVIEW] Dream Thief presents: Low

A fiercely energetic EDM track with an atmospheric flow and a lot of deep textural elements.

February 2021 – Dream Thief is a budding music producer with a focus on creating music that sets the bar higher in terms of size, depth, and width. The artist developed a melodic, yet hard-hitting blend of EDM, which immediately sets the bar higher with a rather distinctive sound and beautiful veil of cinematic soundscapes, perfectly matching the impact of the beat.

“Low” has a bit of a darker sound to it, and it is an amazing release to perfectly represent Dream Thief’s ability to create lush atmospherics that are still so utterly dynamic and one-of-a-kind. This song is highly recommended if you do enjoy electronic dance music that also has a bit more of a dreamy, atmospheric side to it.

There is something quite special and very spontaneous about his this song unfolds, and it’s really all about setting the bar higher in terms of passion and commitment for quality sound.

Find out more about Dream Thief, and listen to “Low,” which is currently available on the web.