Drac The Bat – Deep Transit

Drac The Bat - Deep Transit

Check out Drac The Bat’s fresh debut “Deep Transit”. 

Drac The Bat, also known as Dalton Hall, is a 19-year-old musician and producer based in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. The artist is entirely self-made and has a strong passion for composing and performing unique instrumental songs. 
 “Deep Transit” is his debut in the music industry and it’s a strong start for someone so young. The track delves into a variety of different genres, from electronic to hip-hop. One aspect of the song that stands out is the atmospheric feel of the track. The production vibe is also contemporary and clean, giving “Deep Transit” an immersive and memorable soundscape. 
Coming from a low-income background, with separated parents, Drac The Bat found his calling with music. He uses music as a cathartic expression of his thoughts, feelings, and perspective of the world. As an up and coming artist, it will be fascinating to see what new music he releases next. While he develops his craft there will be more interesting projects and songs available from Drac The Bat. 
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