DJ G-String – Runaway (with Lindsey Compton) TC5Official & DJ Remix

DJ G-String, is singer, songwriter, producer, and Club DJ. She has released her latest remix of her original track called Runaway. Runaway features Indie Artist Lindsey Compton and DJ G-String worked with TC5Official on this remix. DJ G-String has worked with TC5Official on several songs, she states “I think his style and mine just works. I can easily contact him with an idea, and he always brings it to life. Both of us had a few revisions on this one but overall, it is probably the best remix we have worked on together.”

Runaway is about the outcome of being hurt from love and finding someone that you do love. It’s that cautious stage being in love but not yet out of old love. Runaway has a rolling piano sound mixed with an indie pop vibe. DJ G-String tries to relate to her life experiences in every song she writes and produces.