DJ G-String – Always

DJ G-String - Always

DJ G-String has just dropped her brand new single, ‘Always’

DJ G-String is not just your average DJ, she is a producer, singer, writer and can play multiple instruments. From the windy city in Chicago, she is gaining momentum on each single she has released this year, even with the challenges that the music industry is facing due to COVID-19. She continues to break boundaries with her unique style of dance music she creates. Some say she has an 80’s/90’s feel to her music, others compare her to a melodic sweet dreams rhythm.

DJ G-String releases her latest single on October 23 called Always. It is a song about really having a soulmate… if you believe in that. Always tells a story about two people that will always love each other and who will always be there. DJ G-String writes her music about her moments in life and plays music based on how she feels at that moment in time. Her sets are usually never rehearsed, and she likes DJing on the fly. She also is very old school when it comes to mixing. This rare gem does everything manually and loves the art of chance in mixing. She feels that it is the most authentic you can be as being flawless isn’t her focus.

As this rising star continues to shine, DJ G-String going big. Support this indie artist by visiting her website and signing up to her mailing list at