DJ Combo & DJ Merk ft. Timi Kullai – The Summer Is Magic 2k19

DJ Combo & DJ Merk ft. Timi Kullai “The Summer Is Magic 2k19“ – Let The Summer Begin!

In 1994 the Eurodance music project ‘Playahitty’ released „The Summer Is Magic“. The song was a big success in Europe, reaching number two position in Italy and Top 40 positions in Austria, France, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Sweden and Switzerland.

After 25 years DJ Combo, DJ Merk and Timi Kullai have decided to cover this great song.
The release contains awesome remixes in different music styles. Naxwell’s mix is a powerful festival EDM version with a lot of energy, ready to rock all the dancefloors. Rayman Rave’s tropical mix brings you happiness and gets you into a great mood. Also the summer mix has an unique Latin dance vibe, which will give you gorgeous summer feelings. All people that remember Eurodance will be enthusiastic about the 90s style mix.

All new versions have been approved by the original authors of the song! We hope your summer will be magical!