Dj Battle – Twerk Lesson ft. Lexy Panterra


Dj Battle – Twerk Lesson ft. Lexy Panterra: Many songs and videos promise plenty but don’t deliver much. A few, though, are exactly what they claim to be — and sometimes more. DJ Battle and Lexy Panterra offer the viewer a “Twerk Lesson”, and for three minutes and change, they deliver. The “Twerk Lesson” clip is a master class in a provocative dance style that has dominated music video for the past decade. And even if you think you’ve seen twerking perfected in recent hip-hop and R&B clips, you still might not be ready for Lexy Panterra’s jelly. The four twerking sequences in this “Lesson” aren’t just sexy — they’re astonishing, too. As all fans of R&B video know, a great twerker makes moves that seem impossible for the lower body to do. Panterra’s buttocks turns the laws of physics inside out.

But “Twerk Lesson” is more than just a showcase for Lexy Panterra’s choreography and her strong singing voice. It’s also a legitimate banger by a club deejay who has earned a massive following in Europe for his audacious sound. The Paris-based DJ Battle is, perennially, among the most popular spinners in France — he’s a social-media favorite who has worked with some of the biggest stars in his country and performs over a hundred shows a year in over twenty countries. “Twerk Lesson” is his first American hit, but he’s no stranger to these shores: he’s been deejaying in U.S. dance clubs for years. Remarkably for an independent musician, he’s sold more than a million copies of his much cherished mixtapes.