Dionne Blaize – Green Light

Dionne Blaize introducing the visuals for new single “Green Light”

Dionne Blaize is a singer whose style is hard to define and lock into a specific category. She loves to follow her instinct and base her music on different ideas and influences, ranging from the seamless energy of hip-hop, to the grooves of dance music and the appeal of pop. The charismatic Brooklyn-based artist recently released a brand new music video for a single titled “Green Light.” This song also features a spot-on collaboration with Richie Lou, who is performing in the video as the love interested in the plot.

The first thing I noticed about the video, is that its cinematic production is very suggestive and evocative. The dark, soothing tonal palette really enhances the listening experience, and adds a whole new layer to the actual songs, as well as the lyrics within.

In terms of production, both the music and the video couldn’t be more suitable for one another. While the video is very atmospheric and suggestive, the production is very clear, crisp and well-defined, with every element exactly where it should be. The rhythm is swinging and groovy, and the melodies are just present enough to allow the vocals to breath, without overpowering them. Last but not least, the vocals are really the cherry on top, with strong hooks and unforgettable dynamics.


Dionne Blaize is a Brooklyn-based singer that has been building momentum with her latest album ‘Contagious’. Straying from the contemporary dance format and blending in elements of soul, pop, reggae and R&B, it makes for a compelling listen and the perfect introduction.

Comprised of 11-tracks, ‘Contagious’ is bursting with a potent mix of undeniable vocal ability and forward-thinking production. This album is a genre-melding experience; full of vibrant energy with essential party-playlist additions. With personal, emotive songwriting that is paired with infectious melodies, it’s very easy for the listener to get lost in the music.

Growing up, Dionne was surrounded by musicians so it wasn’t too surprising that she found her passion for music at the early age of six. Her formative years were spent performing in her school’s children’s choir where she spent time crafting her distinctive tone and dynamic vocal range.

Dionne has crafted a rich, layered album full of focus and musical vision that sets her far apart from other dance artists. ‘Contagious’ is a vibrant, brave and forward-thinking effort by an artist that is worth paying attention to.