And We Should Die Of That Roar – Blood On Our Hands

And We Should Die Of That Roar – Blood On Our Hands:

Swedish blues-punk-noir phenomenon And We Should Die Of That Roar to release a new ghastly single Blood On Our Hands together with a dark and haunting music video. Release date: February 10.

Blood On Our Hands is a bold tune. Heavy in its form and substance! It’s purpose is not to entertain but to reflect our times. For And We Should Die Of That Roar it’s a duty! Not a choice! The song is bearing witness not only to the pain of the people afflicted by the horrors of war, genocide and refuge but also to the responsibility each and every one of us have in not allowing ourselves and eachother to remain passive in face human suffering. This is a song of pain! Of dark! Of despair and loss! Of war! Refuge! Of those who never managed to escape from a life they never wanted! Of those who were forced to flee from a life they loved! And of all those others who never found a home… sweet children on the run… those whose lifeless tiny bodies are washed-up on far away coasts… face down in the sand… their lungs filled with motorboat oil and nightcold salty seawater… and drowned dreams about a life that never came… Let someone else stand for entertaining! We! Must! Reflect! Our! Times!

Recorded in Kapten Studios Nkpg.
Produced by Kenny Lundström and Hardy Hum.
Musicians: Hardy Hum and Kenny Lundström
Mastering: Kevin McNoldy at Cphonic Mastering
Label: Dazed Music



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