Designed Conviction – So Cold (feat Caleb Twidwell)

Designed Conviction - So Cold (feat Caleb Twidwell)

Designed Conviction to release brand new single: ‘So Cold’ featuring Caleb Twidwell.

July 2020 – This is definitely an interesting year for innovative music made with a deeper purpose, with many exciting releases contributing to the international landscape of the scene. Artist and songwriter Designed Conviction is definitely one of the best newcomers to the scene.

This unique music project stems from the mind of Taylor Conley, a man who is serving life in prison. He created Designed Conviction, not only as a musical outfit, but also as a social enterprise dedicated to promoting positive works of the incarcerated. He recently dropped a brand new single that is titled So Cold, which features Caleb Twidwell, who also served time in prison with Taylor himself.

This track perfectly embodies the pair’s skills and personality, giving the audience a more in-depth look at the pair’s creativity. What’s more, is that the song is actually incredibly well-produced. The impact of the instrumentals is on par with anything you would expect to hear on a top-40 and the song is as punchy and crisp as ever. The song is very personal and it allows the listeners to truly enjoy their deeper connection with the concept, as they familiarize themselves with this piece of music.

Check out So Cold, and learn more about Designed Conviction, whose music is currently available on the web’s best music streaming platforms: