Denise Renee Caplock – Daniel Blow Your Horn [Featuring Daniel]

Denise Renee Caplock introduces her new single, ‘Daniel Blow Your Horn’

Denise Renee Caplock is an artist based in New Jersey. Her sound is a unique combination of modern pop and electronic music, combining the heart-wrenching melodies of the former, with the one-of-a-kind musicality of the latter. She also has a background in hip-hop, and music truly runs in the family, with Denise’s mom being a gospel singer herself, signed to the now-legendary Scepter record label back in the 1960s.

Recently, Denise collaborated with talented artist Daniel, for an aptly titled dance-friendly release, “Daniel Blow Your Horn.” This song has got some notable melodies, with cool instrumental licks and a firm beat that’s all about making them bodies shake on the floor!

You can hear Denise’s personal connection with the hip-hop scene, because she clearly understand rhythms and dynamics, and this composition is a perfect example of her excellence as an artist, producer, and songwriter. These perks truly gave her a unique standing in the music business, making for a fantastic feel, and a diverse edge.