Denel – Imperfectly Perfect 2.0


Denel – Imperfectly Perfect 2.0: The world is a complicated place often placing unrealistic expectations that create self-consciousness and deep fears often that cannot be met. However there are artists that are not afraid to buck those conventional trends and become the face of said movements. Whether it be Adele, Kelly Clarkson, or the legendary Aretha Franklin, these are all artists that have all snubbed the artificial standards and have used their talents and charisma to redefine beauty. In much recent recent times artist today such as Alessia Cara “Scars To Your Beautiful” and Rude’s “Red Dress” are proliferating conscious and positive lyrics similar to formidable peers such a TLC “Unpretty” and Christina Aguilera “Beautiful” such is the message behind “Imperfectly Perfect 2.0” the single by Denelle aka Denel, an artist exploring out of the remote confines of New Zealand crooning a message that should be heard by every woman, man, child and across the globe.