Deidre Thornell – Ghost Town

Deidre Thornell – Ghost Town:

Deidre’s music is contemporary country that is highly influenced with a bluesy-pop fusion. She has co-written five out of the six songs from her first Nashville-produced debut six song EP, “Dallas,” including the newly released single, “Somewhere Wild and Free”.

Ghost Town, is her second single release from the same ep, which became available on ITunes on October,13. Moving from the comforts of Texas to Nashville, just under 2 years ago, Deidre has seen how quickly dreams and talents can be negated. However, she has the persistence, determination and energy to power a Ferrari, where the fuel that burns full throttle is ignited by the heat of a creative mind, a riveting voice, and a tireless work ethic. She has the undeniable ability to connect with her audience, but perhaps her greatest strength is her belief in herself. It is that belief, in fact, that shines, both in her writing and her performances. Check her out, and don’t forget to like, share, and comment. Also, watch for her Music Mondays!!!