Defstatik Unveils Debut EP “ARRAY” to Ignite the Electronic Music Scene in Kitchener, Ontario

Defstatik, a rising DJ and producer hailing from Kitchener near Toronto, has made a resounding entry into the world of electronic music with the release of his highly anticipated debut EP, “ARRAY.” The six-track EP, which blends influences from Detroit techno, house, Miami bass, and both old and new eras of electro, showcases Defstatik’s passion for electronic music and his pursuit of a fresh, distinct style for 2023.

“ARRAY” presents a captivating musical journey that resonates with electronic music enthusiasts, capturing the essence of Defstatik’s creative vision and technical prowess. Each track on the EP is meticulously crafted, designed to immerse listeners in a sonic experience that traverses diverse genres and evokes dance floor energy.

With his deep-rooted appreciation for pioneers such as Plastic Man, Speedy J, Stephan Bodzin, Underground Resistance, Anthony Rother, Dynamix II, and Dave Clarke, Defstatik draws inspiration from the rich history of electronic music while infusing his own innovative touch. The result is a remarkable EP that strikes the perfect balance between homage to the past and a fresh soundscape for the future.

“ARRAY” serves as the first release in a series of singles planned by Defstatik over the next 3-4 months. Aimed at captivating dance floors with its pulsating beats and infectious melodies, each forthcoming single will reinforce Defstatik’s dedication to delivering unparalleled sonic experiences and cement his place in the electronic music scene.

As an artist who thrives in the live performance realm, Defstatik is gearing up to take center stage once again. Following the release of “ARRAY,” he is currently booking performances for late summer and fall of 2023, promising electrifying shows that will leave audiences craving more.

Defstatik’s “ARRAY” EP is now available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. To stay updated on upcoming releases, performances, and more, follow Defstatik on social media and visit his official website.

About Defstatik: Defstatik is a Canadian DJ and producer based near Toronto, Ontario. With a deep passion for electronic music and a diverse range of influences, he creates immersive and energetic tracks that transcend genres. Drawing inspiration from the legends of techno, house, and electro, Defstatik aims to forge a unique path in the electronic music landscape and captivate audiences with his distinctive sound.